opcode: virtual machine examples

In this book, we jump into a virtual machine, compiler and opcodes, without needing to read about parsing first. The language is already written, meaning you can dive into the source code of a working language right from the start (a scripting language called langur, written in Go).

Discover how to develop very useful features for a language, such as multi-variable assignment, decoupling assignment, string interpolation, short-circuiting operators, for loops, scoped if expressions, and more. We review how opcodes make these things work in a stack-based virtual machine.

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If you're not sure, I've made available a free preview. This preview includes chapter 7.

The preview PDF is 8½" x 11" for easy printing. At least, that's the standard paper size in America.

langur download and installation

Book version 1 is based on langur 0.5 or newer code.

Find the download and instructions for installation of langur at langurlang.org.